Law is a set of rules that must be followed. These laws are typically created by legislators in any given country. The enforcement is done by police and the judicial system which must assess if a law was broken and what is the appropriate punishment. Some rules are unwritten and are not enforced by a state. The offender is punished by social exclusion.

Laws are as old as civilization itself. When people started living in groups, villages and cities, it was necessary to establish some ground rules, because unwritten rules began to be insufficient. Each and every country has its own codes of law that come from their history, their experience and their customs. Some things do not need to be regulated in one country, but another country can have a different approach.

When legal documents are translated we know that we must consult the purpose of the document. Does the client want to localize the contract to the law of a different country? Are punishments in one country viewed as fair in another? Having legal documents in order and translated correctly is the stepping stone for success.