Technology sometimes makes us forget that we live on planet Earth and our knowledge of it is far from perfect. Even though we think the environment does not influence our everyday life, mother nature still has the upper hand. Scientists make significant discoveries and breakthroughs everyday and the distribution to the world is an important factor of its success.

The localization of life science project is very demanding because of the translations usually have a direct impact on a person's well being. Everything must be precise, emphasis is put on every word and translators cannot put their creative touch on the translation that can be appreciated in game localizations, for example.

Life Science fields include:

Medical devices

Equipment for hospitals, laboratories and research institutions generally has a software and hardware component that needs translations. The process is somewhat different from localization for consumer devices because medical equipment is usually operated by professionals.

Clinical research and trials

Clinical studies are one of the most important research possibilities the medical and pharmaceutical industry have at their disposal. Studies are frequently conducted in different countries and last for a number years. Aspena is able to provide language assistance through the entire process.


Documentation and packaging are an integral part of every drug. It provides information to patients, doctors and nurses and helps cure diseases and sometimes even saves lives. The quality of translation of this content cannot be undervalued