Desktop, or Computer, Software consists of System software and Application software. Both are sets of information that direct a machine to perform specific tasks. An operating system is an example of a System software. It operates the computer's hardware but is not much useful as a standalone unit for everyday users.

Application software on the other hand are programs that enable users to write documents, listen to music, play games and browse the web. This software cannot operate by itself as it always needs a platform to run on. The system application serves the applications, the applications serves the users.

System software can be separated into the following categories:

  • Operating system
  • Utility software
  • Software development tools

Our expertise for application software localization consists of the following fields:

  • Information worker software (Programs for word processing, email, accounting and other office related tasks)
  • Content access software (Web brousers, medea players and other electronic media programs)
  • Entertainment software (Video game or screen savers)
  • Educational software (Classroom management, reference software and survey management)
  • Simulation software (Computer simulations such as vehicle, scientific, social and emergency simulations)
  • Media development software (Programs for photo management and video editing and processing)
  • Product engineering software (Both hardware and software engineering) 

Whatever the use case, whatever the programming language, we are able to provide a one-stop software localization solution for every main worldwide language. We have translated over 20,000 software projects.