ISO 9001The quality management system is subject to constant improvement, with reference to both customer requirements and in terms of the economic, political, technical, technological and other developments in the company's business environment. It is continuously being adapted to suit all effective changes occurring within the company.

We demonstrated our conformance with the requirements of the ISO standard by obtaining a quality management system certificate from the company DET NORSKE VERITAS in spring 2002. Compliance with the ISO standard is verified by regular internal audits and an annual periodical audit. Every year, in line with our internally set policy on quality, we commit ourselves to meeting partial quality objectives.

When setting out objectives, we particularly focus on:

  • Customer care;
  • Reducing non-compliance and minimizing the occurrence of any defective product or process;
  • Increasing levels of professional competence and employee motivation;
  • Improving the system for selecting translators and interpreters;
  • Tightening the rules for testing and assessing suppliers;
  • Modernizing IT;
  • Company presentation.


ISO 9001 Certificate